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Buying a Property in Italy

  • Buying a property in Italy is a stunning investment that promises both financial and personal rewards
  • How does the property buying process work in Italy?
  • The role of Lake Iseo Properties in your purchasing process – Why choose us?

So Why Italy? – More Than Just a Holiday Destination:

Italy is awash with stunning villas, apartments and homes that promise both financial and personal rewards. Not only do they deliver incredible scenery, but they are a good investment as a home or holiday home. With endless opportunities for renovation or renting, buying a property in Italy is not only the doorway to an ideal family or retirement home but a business opportunity on the side of your everyday life! It offers affordable, stylish properties that encapsulate Italian style, culture and charm, set against the backdrop of arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

We may be biased, but at Lake Iseo Properties by DreamHomes, we have a portfolio of stunning Italian properties overlooking the beautiful Lake Iseo. These range from luxury villas surrounded by rolling Italian hills and vineyards to sleek apartments with lakefront terraces allowing you to enjoy picturesque mountain and lake views. To us, this is ‘why Italy’, with its panoramic views overlooking our favourite Italian lake. Whatever you are looking for, it’s our job to make your dream home a reality and guide you through buying a property in Italy step by step.

A Brief Look into the Process of Buying a Property in Italy…

The buying of an Italian property follows a fairly standard procedure, similar to that of the Uk and other European countries. The most important part of the property buying process in Italy is ensuring you have obtained an Italian Tax Code. This can be done through the Italian Tax Office (Agenzia delle Entrate) or your Italian Consulate in person or from your current residence. This process is all completely free! The next job is to set up an Italian Bank Account, and then you’re all good to go.

The next step is to browse and choose your desired property and make an official offer. This will usually require a small deposit and will be valid for 10 days. Once the seller has accepted this offer, the Preliminary contract comes into play. This critical document expresses that both parties are binding each other to complete the purchase! This contract contains important clauses such as sale price, name of the seller and buyer, a complete description of the property, and any terms or conditions of the sale, amongst others that underpin the agreement.

The next stage is the checking and controlling of all documentation for the property, urban permissions, and habitability certificates. This also includes any charges or mortgages that may be attached to the property that need cancelling before the final transfer of sale and the completion of the Title Deed, also known as ‘Rogito Notarile’ in the buying process. This must then be signed and witnessed in the presence of the Public Notary, which will transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. On some occasions, when the buyer or the seller does not speak Italian, the intervention of an official translator will be necessary so the deed can be translated into the language of choice; this, of course, is an additional cost. Or, at the very least, a power of attorney can be granted to a trusted person who speaks your language and understands the process, such as a solicitor or estate agent.

The Role Madeleine Morgan at Lake Iseo Properties Will Play in the Purchasing Process – Why Choose Us?

Madeleine Morgan, our fully Licensed Italian Realtor, is the centre of our operations and the member of our professional team who will aid you at every stage of buying a property in Italy. With years of experience as a Licensed estate agent, Madeleine is renowned for her client commitment and is responsible for successfully matching our international buyers with their perfect dream home! She is fluent in Italian, has extensive local knowledge, and is highly in tune with the purchasing process in Italy, ensuring a stress-free, efficient buying journey! At Lake Iseo Properties by DreamHomes, it is our goal to make your dream home a reality, ensuring all of your individual needs and wants are met, and no person is better for that job than Madeleine.

Please contact us here for more information on buying a property in Italy. Or click here to view our available portfolio of Lake Iseo properties.

Please contact us here for more information on buying a property in Italy. Or click here to view our available portfolio of Lake Iseo properties.

Client Reviews

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peter long
peter long
22. July, 2023
From start to finish dealing with Madeleine was fantastic. We didn't buy our property from Madeleine but she used all her years of experience in the Italian market to help us secure our dream home and provided great consultancy services. Great advice and always available to answer the smallest questions Madeleine made us fell like family.
Karen Aloe
Karen Aloe
30. March, 2023
I have known Madeleine for some years, purchased my property through her, extremely knowledgeable & professional. Her attention to detail is second to none! She goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you have a 1st class experience & will see you through your journey / the buying process from start to finish taking care of everything along the way… you can 💯 put your trust in her that she will do the best job for you in your search for your Dream home… & beyond 🤩
Daniella Therese Krol Lundtang
Daniella Therese Krol Lundtang
25. March, 2023
We had been looking for an apartment in Italy for some years, when we met Madeleine. We quickly found the perfect location and apartment in Predore, by Lake Iseo. All the way through the process, from first showing of the apartment, to signing of the contract at the notary's, Madeleine has been of great help! She was always available for questions and concerns, which she still is. Since we took over the apartment, Madeleine has been such an amazing help in relation to translation when agreeing with contractors, planning of renovation of kitchen, visits to IKEA etc. Madeleine never says no to help you, which is really comforting when buying an apartment in a foreign country. Madeleine gets our warmest recommendations, if you want to buy an apartment, or a house in Italy.
Michaela S.
Michaela S.
20. March, 2023
Madeleine Morgan weiß genau, was sie tut und hat sehr viel Erfahrung. Sie ist äußerst professionell und vertrauenswürdig, ehrlich und transparent. Auf Fragen und Anliegen hat sie immer schnell und zuverlässig reagiert. Selbst wenn Schwierigkeiten bzw. Missverständnisse auftraten, blieb Madeleine immer ruhig und gelassen. Sie hat äußerst geduldig Sachverhalte - bei Bedarf auch immer wieder - erklärt. Madeleine tut weit mehr, als sie müsste, denn auch nach Abschluss des eigentlichen Kaufvertrages organisiert sie zusammen mit ihrer Kollegin Cristina alles, was noch erledigt werden muss, wie z.B. den Abschluss einer Versicherung oder die Anmeldung von Strom, Gas und Wasser, was übrigens in Italien zu einem äußerst komplizierten und langwierigen Prozedere werden kann...
Dean Johnston
Dean Johnston
13. March, 2023
A Pleasure to deal with Lake Iseo Properties very professional.