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Lake Iseo Best Towns

  • Lake Iseo – Italy’s Best Kept Secret
  • A guide to Lake Iseo’s most breathtaking towns
  • Which of Lake Iseo’s towns are best suited to you?

Lombardy’s Lake Iseo is framed by beautiful yet varied towns, presenting you with all the aspects of Italian living. Its towns range from quaint fishing villages promising unbeatable local seafood to lively communes filled to the brim with vibrant bars and restaurants. At Lake Iseo Properties, it is our job to find you your perfect dream home in one of these idyllic locations.




As the namesake of the lake itself, the town of Iseo is its central hub, filled with fashionable shops and restaurants, as well as a weekly Friday market brimming with life and vibrancy. Its beautiful panoramic lakefront views are the perfect backdrop for its endearing medieval layout, providing unmatched homely comfort. Just next door from Iseo is the wine-growing region of Franciacorta, producing some of Italy’s best sparkling wines.



Located on the most southerly part of Lake Iseo, Sarnico is a historical treasure packed with beautiful Art Nouveau villas, as well as magnificent churches. This vibrant medieval town is home to lively shops and restaurants and boasts the longest lakefront of Lake Iseo. Sarnico is only a short drive from Bergamo’s airport, making it accessible and flexible to your travel needs.



Paratico is a commune in the province of Brescia, located at the south-eastern end of Lake Iseo. Separated and joined to Sarnico by a bridge, Paratico shares its vibrancy and its panoramic lakefront views.



If you’re looking for a calm Italian lifestyle surrounded by nature and dense woodlands, Clusane is the perfect place for you. It is located on the eastern bank of Lake Iseo and is part of the Franciacorta region.

Riva Di Solto

Riva di Solto:

A charming fishing village on the south-western shore of Lake Iseo, Riva di Solto is filled with traditional townhouses that give the commune a rustic, homely feel. Its picturesque mountain views can be enjoyed from its array of delicious seafood restaurants whilst relaxing on the beautiful waters of Lake Iseo.

Solto Collina

Solto Collina:

This small commune behind Riva di Solto promises beautiful mountain and lake views, accessible from its hilltop properties. The endless hiking trails promise surreal panoramic views of Lake Iseo.



Sulzano has prime access to the lake’s railway system, allowing easy travel to the different towns of Lake Iseo. This small village on the east coast is filled with narrow streets and panoramic views, encompassing the beauty of Italy. You can also catch a ferry to enjoy a day trip to the beautiful Monte Isola, just a short boat trip away!



Predore is primarily known as an ancient fishing town, built historically on a Roman Settlement, and has never lost this charm! Today it encompasses delicious cuisine, incredible art, surreal sunsets and the warmest weather on the lake’s western coast.

Tavernola Bergamasca

Tavernola Bergamasca:

Located in the Province of Bergamo, this town is filled with historical art and buildings, including the Torre dei Fenaroli, its well-preserved medieval clock tower. Directly opposite sits Monte Isola, perfect for a relaxing day trip.



As the largest town on the west coast of Lake Iseo, Lovere is awash with activities and lively bars and restaurants. It is also filled with nature and beautiful scenery for those who enjoy hiking or picturesque walks. Lovere is only a moderate drive away from the ski slopes of Montecampione, perfect for a romantic weekend away after a busy week!



Pisogne is the most north-easterly town of Lake Iseo, situated at the point it flows into the river Oglio. Its town centre is framed by lively bars and restaurants, the beautiful Church of Santa Maria, and its tall medieval tower. Pisogne has direct access to a railway line, making travelling around Lake Iseo easy and fast!

Sale Marasino

Sale Marasino:

Sale Marasino is a secluded paradise overlooking the breathtaking mountains of Lake Iseo. It promises comfortable, stress-free Italian living with immediate access to all the basic necessities.



A selection of beautiful lakeside properties encompasses the tranquil atmosphere of Marone. It is again part of the railway line that keeps Lake Iseo connected to bordering provinces, guaranteeing accessibility and ease. Marone differs from the other towns of Lake Iseo as it has one of the most temperate climates, making it perfect for those after a cooler temperature!

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