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  • A brief guide to property renovation in Italy
  • Things to consider when renovating a property in Italy
  • Renovating a property with us

A Guide to Renovating Property in Italy:

Renovating a property in Italy is a fantastic opportunity that offers both personal and financial rewards. Whether you are creating your dream home or a stylish holiday home, it is a valuable investment and also a lot of fun!

Renovation of a property in Italy often involves a Geometra, which is a combination of a professional architect, engineer and surveyor who oversees the restoration project. They will also help by assessing the original building and then advising you on the potential costs, as well as the best local materials and professional workers to help you carry out your desired renovations.

Usually, you will be charged per square meter for your project, but this will depend on the region your property is located in. This is because Italy doesn’t have national building codes; instead, they follow local and regional building and planning regulations.

Generally, the restoration process will remain similar whether the building is a farmhouse, villa or apartment, just with varying costs and potentially legislation due to the size of your project. However, region and location again play a significant role regarding restrictions, as countryside properties will face fewer directives than those in cities, which are more densely populated.

Things to Consider:

One of the most important things we urge our clients to consider when renovating a property in Italy is any costs involved. The overall cost will depend on the initial cost of the property. Then the further renovations and refurbishments it requires, or you want to carry out, including materials and professionals, will need to be considered. Time is another factor that will impact cost, with most renovations taking between 6 months and a year, depending again on the project. Our team of experts will happily help you reach an overall price on which you can base budgets.

Another thing to consider is legal due diligence, which ensures that the property complies with Italian real estate laws. This is vital research that needs to be carried out desirably before the buying process to assess the current legal status of the property. Again, this is something we can help you with! We will also guide you through any other required legislation that needs to be met, as well as regulations and risk assessments. One of the crucial risk assessments is measuring the area’s seismic risk and thus the property’s safety, especially those that are old, historic buildings or in high-risk areas. This is a relatively straightforward process, and once all these necessary checks have been done, we are good to get to work on transforming your property into your dream home!

Renovating a Property with Us:

At Lake Iseo Properties by DreamHomes, we have a firm belief in tailoring Italian style and architecture to complement the personalities of our International clientele. Our sister company DreamRefurbs specialises in this, with a team of professionals, some with over 30 years of experience in the Italian construction industry. They can guide you through every step of your restorations by offering a range of services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

DreamRefurbs will help you tailor your property and any outbuildings to your specific needs and wants, whether purely focused on the interior or creating a communal outdoor space fully equipped with a pool and patio, perfect for family time! You can visit DreamRefurb’s gallery of previous renovations here to see the incredible restorations they have previously completed!

For more information or guidance on renovating a property in Italy, please contact us here at Lake Iseo Properties by DreamHomes.

Thinking about possible renovation works?

At LakeIseoProperties, we see every renovation project as a new challenge! Because let’s face it: we all deserve to enjoy the dream home we have in our minds!

Our company also offers construction, development & renovation management services.

Whether it’s an electrician for a new light point, a cleaning company, a good brand for buying a kitchen, we are able to give our customers advice and, when needed, specific contacts of local professionals. We rely on our sound network of trusted professionals who can provide for your needs.


  • Handling building and renovation works (full management service);
  • Making available a network of local builders with good reputation, good pricing and good work that is up to code;
  • Assigning jobs to different parties (in-house employees, handymen etc.) based on who will do the best service for the best price;
  • Preparing a preliminary cost estimate and getting multiple independent bids for the work;
  • Providing recommendations on how the project can maximize rental/value income;
  • Acting as a general contractor, overseeing the work;
  • Preparing design/projects that suit your requirements;
  • Submitting all the documents to the Authorities;
  • Updating the Cadastral Map & Plan before the sale and after the renovation to be done;
  • Meeting with architects together with our Project Manager to discuss about the best design and the smartest ideas;
  • Supplying Structural & Technical Reports on properties.

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